Over the past five years, we have built an incredible team that excels at innovating across multiple time zones and geographic locations. Our stellar record and work ethic have attracted the attention of some of the world’s largest and most complex corporations, who have turned to us to develop mission-critical applications. Our work encompasses SharePoint, Office365, Azure, web, and mobile technologies.

What we've learned

1. Innovation is independent of geographic location – it’s the people that matter, not the place.

2. Differences in culture, race, and gender lead to more creative and better solutions than homogeneity ever could – variety is key.

3. Being an expert in one thing trumps being so-so at many – Which doctor do you want doing your surgery: one who is a trained surgeon or one who does “a little bit of everything?”

4. Anything worth building should look as good as it performs – pretty girls get all the attention.

5. It’s all about the team – we succeed together, we fail together, we laugh together!

6. Software should be designed for users, not for IT professionals – even your grandmother should be able to use it.

Our new focus

In the course of our company’s existence, we’ve been fortunate to have worked on some of the most complex business applications out there. Even though this paid the bills, we felt the drive to go above and beyond – to not just work on other projects, but to create and build our own. We are passionate about building a single product born from our innovation that’s easy to use, beautifully designed, and that significantly improves the lives of our customers.

When we first started playing around with bots and artificial intelligence, we were amazed at how powerful these applications were and the breadth of problems they could solve. We knew that by combining our experience building business applications with artificial intelligence and chatbot technology, we could build something amazing. We set our sights on a problem all businesses face but few have solved: improving customer service.

Our goal: to build an easy-to-use, AI-powered support application that reduces customer service costs through automation without sacrificing quality or customer satisfaction.

The result: Asksavvy, a helpdesk and chatbot application for small and mid-size companies selling their products online.

Why we do what we do

Asksavvy, Inc exists to serve our people, so we strive to build an environment that rewards teamwork, loyalty, and mutual respect regardless of location, gender, or belief. By harnessing the innovative strengths of our team and giving everyone a voice to safely express themselves, we have set ourselves up to build amazing products for our customers.

The crazy folks that work here

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Chief Awesome Officer

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Chief Code Builder

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 Chief Code Builder

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Chief Bug Sniper

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Growth Genie

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Chief Story Teller

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 Chief Artistic Genie

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 Master Code Builder

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Master Code Builder

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 Code Builder

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 Bug Sniper

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 Master Code Builder

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 Cloud Cop

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 Chief Cloud Cop

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Master Artistic Genie

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Master Artistic Genie

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Chief Delight Officer

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Artistic Genie

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Master Code Builder

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 Bug Sniper

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Gaurav P

Growth Nerd

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   Customer Happiness Champion